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5G networks
Safer, more efficient and sustainable infrastructure with interconnected data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • IoT
  • Edge Computing
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Ineco has participated in various innovation projects with the aim of promoting the use of 5G technology in transport infrastructure, through the application of this technology in use cases that demonstrate its usefulness and highlight the benefits it offers in the field of transport.

Remotely visual inspection of track

By combining 5G technology with drones and artificial intelligence, railway maintenance tasks are facilitated and improved. The information collected by the drone, along with the images captured by the cameras, are sent in real time to a control center, which allows the drone to be controlled remotely and autonomously, to carry out railroad inspections in a safer and more effective way.

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) 

Ineco has developed a system capable of integrating all the information captured by different sensors and receiving, managing and sending the different events emitted and received by the vehicles.

By having all the information centralized in the system, it is possible to analyze the status of the tunnel and, thanks to 5G, access it from anywhere in Spain and interact with drivers, generating warnings that improve infrastructure security.