The aim of this professional volunteer program is to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged groups in developing countries, making the technical knowledge and expertise of the company's professionals available for the most vulnerable. To achieve this, we are committed to the development of projects in the field of engineering and architecture whose execution is viable in the short term, providing efficient, creative and feasible solutions that respond to the needs of basic services in socially and economically depressed areas.


To improve the quality of life of national disadvantaged groups by promoting and participating in various solidarity actions and campaigns, raising awareness of the social needs and altruistic work carried out by NGOs, Associations, etc. We also promote the involvement of the company's teams in the design and development of solidarity actions that contribute to mitigate the situations suffered by the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

Euro Solidario

To improve the quality of life of disadvantaged and vulnerable people through annual collaboration based on the financing of the development of a specific project in the field of international cooperation.