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Great Success at the Spain Hyperloop Meetup

26 July 2017
More than 60 professionals participated in the Spain Hyperloop Meetup, held July 25th at Ineco’s Ágora Hall. Organized by the Hyperloop Meetup Group, the event shared the current state of Hyperloop technology and the various projects that are underway. It also discussed possible implementation in Spain. Grupo Fomento’s engineering company, Ineco, works on this project providing support to the Spanish PrimeX HOGC team, currently in the semi-finals of the global Hyperloop One competition. Three team members, Luis González, Briyi García and Juan Vázquez Barco, gave a presentation to the attendees on their plan to unite Madrid and Tangier in one hour, discussing more details about the work and its challenges. Hyperloop is a transport idea based on a system of large vacuum tubes, which transport pods similar to those used in supermarkets to transfer money, but at speeds of 1,000 kilometres an hour and with capacity to transport passengers or cargo.