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Review of flight procedures for CAAS at Changi international airport
Key infrastructure for tourism

More than 65 millions of passenger

Four terminals

Skytrax World´s best Airport

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has entrusted Ineco with the revision and design of instrumental flight procedures at Changi international airport, one of Asia’s most important ones.

With these implementation jobs, the air space of this vital Asian financial centre is up-to-date with ICAO’s recommendations in terms of putting into practice instrumental flight procedures based on the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) concept which provides for basic requirements in terms of navigation performances, which aircraft must observe in a specific air space, regardless the type of navigation sensor available on board.

Changi, considered one of the world’s best airports, is one of the main entrance gates in Asia for international passengers.

Data Sheet
Location: Singapore
Client: CAAS - Civil Aviation Authority of Singapur
Execution period: 2014-2015
Market: Planning

A key work
Ineco’s works consisted in the revision of RNAV1-based instrumental procedures for departures and arrivals and the design of new RNP-APCH instrumental landing procedures for Changi airport. In particular, landing procedures for two of the three runways, 2C/20C and 02L/20R, have been designed for this airport, together with their corresponding approach charts. On the other hand, experts of the company have provided support to validation flights.