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Spanish high speed rail network
World leaders in high speed train technology

3,000 km in operation 

25 years experience

Speeds of up to 360 km/h

World leader in implementing ERTMS


  • Madrid-Valencia high speed line
  • Madrid-Valladolid high speed line
  • Orense-Santiago high speed line
  • Madrid-Seville high speed line
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Spain’s high-speed network covers over +3400 kilometres of track, it is the longest in Europe and the second longest in the world. The system transports almost 40 million passengers at speeds exceeding 300 km/h, connecting the major Spanish cities.

Ineco has been involved in the implementation of the Spanish high-speed rail network from its beginnings back in the early 90’s, acting as an engineering partner to ADIF and RENFE. Fully covering civils, rail systems and their integration, Ineco has undertaken planning, design, works supervision and management, testing and commissioning, maintenance and technological development services, to achieve a safer, more efficient high-speed railway system.

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Adif and Renfe
Execution period: 1992 to present
Market: Railways

Engineering challenges: civils, systems and stations

Our proven engineering skills have enabled us to overcome the challenges of Spain’s difficult and rather complicated landscape. We have collaborated across the whole lifecycle of some of the longest tunnels in the world and internationally renowned viaducts:

·         Guadarrama Tunnel: 28.4 km. 4th longest in Europe and 5th longest in the world.

·         Pajares Tunnel: 24.9 km. 5th longest in Europe.

·         Contreras Viaduct: 587 m. The biggest concrete railway bridge (261 m span) in Europe.

Ineco has participated with ADIF and RENFE in overcoming the rail systems challenges of our network, such as the deployment of ERTMS-2 and the adequate coexistence of two gauges in multiple sections.

We have also participated in the extension, planning and construction of the main network stations in the Spanish cities, with extremely complex engineering projects such as the connection between Atocha and Chamartín consisting of a tunnel over 7 km long that will link all the high speed lines passing through Madrid.