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Implementation of the SACTA, ICARO and COMETA systems
Progress of air traffic control systems

Improved safety

Over 35 years since its implementation

Updated according to technical and operational demand

  • Implementation of the SACTA, ICARO and COMETA systems
  • Implementation of the SACTA, ICARO and COMETA systems
  • Implementation of the SACTA, ICARO and COMETA systems
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The ATM systems (SACTA and ICARO) and the ACC voice communications system (COMETA) provide all the aeronautical information necessary for air traffic control.

Ineco participates actively in the implementation of the new versions at Spanish airports and control centres. It provides the technical assistance services to carry out the technical and functional specifications of the systems. It also performs the verifcation, roll-out and operational support of versions.


Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: ENAIRE
Execution period: 1998 – to date
Market: Air Navigation

The challenge of the Single European Sky

SACTA is the Spanish air traffic control system whose development and implementation has become a successful management model. Since it was started up in 1990, the SACTA (Automatic Air Traffic Control System) has been modernised by taking into account variations in traffic demand to include new improvements, advanced functions, standards and by avoiding technological obsolescence.

Since 1998, Ineco has been collaborating on this system’s operational readiness and transfer, as well as participating in its specification and testing activities. SACTA’s mission is the integration, automation and improvement of the processes and equipment of the functions of the air traffic controller to meet the capacity and safety improvement targets required by air space users.

Ineco also provides a service to ENAIRE for developing the system that manages the Voice Communications involved in Air Traffic Control at Control Centres. This system (COMETA) undertakes land-land communications (Controller-Controller communication) and land-air communciations (Controller-Pilot communication).

An integrated system in Spain

The ICARO XXI System (Integrated COM/AIS/AIP & Reporting Office Automated System) integrates the automatic management of the Aeronautical Information generated in Spain and received by the rest of the world via the EAD (European Aeronautical Database), Flight Plan and Slot Message information of Spanish airports and the Weather information from the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

With this powerful tool, users who are going to begin a flight have the information to plan their route and conduct the presentation processes for the flight plan and weather and aeronautical information that affect them. The operating rooms of all airports in the AENA network can display the operations they will have in advance and thus prepare means as required, and the International NOTAM Office has everything necessary for the publication of National NOTAMs. Additionally, given the vital importance of this information in the world of Navigation, once processed and adapted it can be served by other systems, such as SACTA, SCENA –CDM.