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National Transport Plan
Costa Rica modernises its entire transport system


Definition of 3,450 km of strategic road system

  • National Transport Plan
  • National Transport Plan
  • National Transport Plan
  • National Transport Plan
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Ineco has been in charge of developing the National Transport Plan that defines Costa Rica’s transport programmes up until 2035.

A more diversified economy, quality education and political stability are the cornerstones of Costa Rica's prosperity. The road to growth leads through upgrading the transport network, and here Costa Rica has counted on Ineco for support.

Costa Rica's geographical location makes it an attractive destination for tourists and earnings from this source have doubled in the last decade. Tourism is now the country's main source of foreign currency.

Data Sheet
Location: Costa Rica
Client: Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT), Costa Rica
Execution period: 2010-2011
Market: Roads

With Ineco's help the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Works and Transport has drawn up the Nation Transport Plan which defines investment programmes in roads, seaports, airports, public transport and railways until the year 2035.

In addition to the Plan, which encompasses all modes of transport, the Government has entrusted Ineco with two projects specifically related to rail and air transport: the "Comprehensive Plan for Upgrading Costa Rica's Airports" and "Technical Consultancy for Present and Future Development of the National Railway System". In both cases the objective was to analyse, diagnose and propose technical solutions to enable the airports and railways to be revitalised and upgraded to meet present and future needs.