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Kuwait Rapid Transit & Railroad Master Plan
Kuwait boards the train


400 kilometres of railway line

140 kilometres of metro

  • Kuwait Rapid Transit & Railroad Master Plan
  • Kuwait Rapid Transit & Railroad Master Plan
  • Kuwait Rapid Transit & Railroad Master Plan
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Ineco has developed the Kuwait Rapid Transit & railroad Master Plan project. A survey that proposes the construction of a national railway to connect the country with its neighbouring countries.

99% of passenger and goods transport in Kuwait is carried out in private vehicles. The forecast is that this will lead to saturation of the current road transport system within 10 years unless alternative means are provided.

Kuwait has become one of the most important business centres in the Middle East. It is undergoing a population growth rate of over 3.5% annually, one of the fastest in the world.

Kuwait City has become a thriving modern city but it lacks an urban railway system in line with the economic and social growth that the city has been undergoing in recent years.

For this reason the Kuwait Investment Authority has entrusted Ineco with the Kuwait Rapid Transit & Railroad Master Plan project, the Master Plan for the national railway and the Kuwait City metropolitan rail networks.

Data Sheet
Location: Kuwait
Client: Kuwait Overland Transport Union & Kuwait Ministry of Communications
Execution period: 2006-2007
Market: Urban transport

A railway system to connect the entire country

Ineco proposed the construction of a national railway system to connect Kuwait with neighbouring countries and creation of an underground rail transport system for the metropolitan area.

The team took part in the preliminary studies, the defining of the main corridors with their technical specifications, passenger and freight demand estimates, and the definition of the infrastructures and the rolling stock.

A national network consisting of 400 kilometres of double-track was also proposed to increase safety and enable greater passenger and freight traffic flows with maximum speeds of 350 km/h for passenger trains and 120 km/h for freight. The studies indicate that the potential demand for rail transport in Kuwait will exceed 69 million passengers per annum.

With implementation of this project Kuwait will be endowed with a fast, modern and safe transport system connecting the country with its neighbours and converting its seaports into key international centres for distribution of freight.