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Eldorado Airport
Eldorado draws a new skyline


80 metre high control tower

20.4 million Passengers

648,000 tonnes of freight

  • Eldorado Airport
  • Eldorado Airport
  • Eldorado Airport
  • Eldorado Airport
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Ineco has been chosen to supervise the rehabilitation works of the southern runway and the design of the new control tower.

The Colombian government has decided to extend its Eldorado airport in response to the growing demand for air transport, and the economic expansion that the country is currently undergoing.

The airport is the most important in Latin America in terms of freight, with a volume of 648,000 tonnes and the third biggest in terms of passengers with 20.4 million. This capacity will double when the new facilities are commissioned.

Ineco has been chosen to supervise the refurbishment works on the international airport’s south runway and to design the new control tower as part of an ambitious modernisation plan.

Data Sheet
Location: Colombia
Client: Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia (Aerocivil) /ABERTIS
Execution period: 2011
Market: Airports

Refurbishment and design based on the surrounding environment.

Ineco’s works on refurbishment of the south runway and the planning and design of the new runway and technical supervision of the work, include the provision of technical assistance to the Compañía de Desarrollo Aeropuerto Eldorado S.A. (CODAD).

In a joint venture with the Spanish architectural firm GOP, it has also undertaken the study, design and future fitting out and equipping of the new control tower which is set to become a technological and architectural icon for the Colombian capital.

The new control tower is built in the form of two steel spirals with its conceptual design inspired by its surroundings, popular muisca culture, and the symbolism inherent in the legend of Eldorado. At 80 metres high it is one of the tallest control towers in the world.

Ineco has developed an external metal mesh for the structure which provides resistance and simplifies construction, and is a vital component given the seismic activity in the area.

However, Ineco has not only defined the tower design but it has also been involved in analysing the operation, the system specifications and the air navigation equipment required, increasing the movement capacity of aircraft in an environment with operational difficulties. Eldorado is 2,545 metres above sea level and has a considerable volume air traffic requiring the most advanced navigation systems.

Ineco has consolidated its international presence with this project, particularly in Latin America.