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CPTM lines
A driving force for São Paulo


6 metro lines

Increased service frequency, with trains running every 3 minutes

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We manage the modernisation of the CPTM metro lines of São Paulo, delivering Project Management and technical support services.

São Paulo’s dynamic and active population means an enormous number of daily journeys are made using urban transport, and the current system is unable to meet the needs of its commuters. Some of the city’s metro lines are so crowded that at times there are up to 9 passengers per m².

This situation is compounded by the current success of the Brazilian economy and the establishment of fare integration policies between the various modes of public transport.

As a result, the Brazilian government has set up an investment plan of 5,000 million Euros for the São Paulo metro, in order to increase transport capacity for lines 1, 2 and 3, and to begin operating two new lines, 4 and 6, while extending lines 2 and 5.

Ineco will be responsible for modernising the São Paulo CPTM metro lines, providing Project Management services and technical support.

Data Sheet
Location: Brazil
Client: Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM)
Execution period: 1997 - 2015
Market: Railways

Complete Modernisation

Ineco’s task will be to coordinate and manage the programme, providing specialised technical support in railway projects, infrastructure, tracks and rolling stock, and financial and environmental studies. It will also supervise the manufacture and installation of tracks and rolling stock.

The modernisation of São Paulo’s CPTM lines will be a driving force for development in the city, as around 20% of the GDP is generated in this region of approximately 11 million inhabitants.

This project will enable the metro to reach all of São Paulo’s neighbourhoods and the city will finally have an urban transport system on a par with its economic development.

Globally recognised Projects

Ineco has been involved in the almost 300 km of track that make up the Madrid Metro network, internationally recognised as the most innovative suburban system in the world. In addition, it has collaborated on the construction and redevelopment of metro lines in other Spanish cities such as Seville, Barcelona and Valencia.

The efficient way in which Ineco carries out its projects has not gone unnoticed, and as a result the company has been contracted for the construction of suburban lines at an international level, notably in São Paulo, and also in Belgrade, Mumbai, Caracas, Tallinn and Medellin.