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Infra_Adapt: Adaptation to climate change
BIM Technologies for Predictive Management of Road Infrastructures

€1,8M euros

5 partners

2 public research organisations

The increasing severity and frequency of certain meteorological events that are expected as a consequence of climate change will impose a series of new requirements on the different elements of transport networks in order for them to maintain their efficiency in the provision of their services.

The INFRA_ADAPT project provides a response to the problems and needs detected in the road infrastructure sector as part of the framework for adaptation to climate change through a concept of resilience, which translates into the development of "BIM Technologies for Predictive Management of highway infrastructure susceptible to the effects of climate change", bringing together the following developments:

  • Solutions for BIM digitalization of infrastructure.
  • Bulk collection of geometric data of the constructed infrastructure using "Mobile Mapping" techniques.
  • Algorithms for the generation of BIM models.
  • Algorithms to detect vulnerable zones.
  • Early-warning solutions based on the monitoring of vulnerable areas.
  • Action protocols and strategies for operation management, redesign and execution of corrective actions.
  • Web-based management platform.

The consortium is made up of the companies AZVI, CEMOSA, FERROVIAL, and INSITU, with INECO as the consortium's leader. TECNALIA and the University of Vigo also participated as public research bodies.

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: CDTI
Execution period: 2016-2018
Market: Planning

El papel de Ineco

Ineco's contributions to the INFRA_ADAPT project are focused on:

  • A tool that is capable of generating BIM models under the IFC standard from road scanning data with Mobile Mapping
  • Platform for the management of the other project activities:
  • Susceptibility Models
  • Flood alarms
  • Alarms for forecasting of exceeding of hydraulic capacity of ODTs.
  • Strategies for action.