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R&D: ATM (Architectural Transit Module)
Design of a modular passenger transit system in areas related to transportation means

Multiple design variations

Natural connection between the selected means of transport

Easy expansion

Interior panels allows the ATM to be adapted to different areas

In 2009, in collaboration with Adif, an innovation project was developed in relation to prefabrication in construction of buildings to provide service to passengers in railway stations, which can be exported to other means of transport, by designing a single unified solution for station projects executed in series. This research led to the development of a prefabricated architectural element that serves as an intermodal transfer facility between two different modes of transportation. Architectural Transit Module (A.T.M.)

The characteristics of the ATM are based on a concept of Refuge and Industrialized Construction, where passengers using the transportation systems, preferably public systems, change from one mode to another or simply transfer within the same mode.

Its basic programme consists of:

  • Passenger waiting areas, enclosed or open to the outdoors, with visibility, located in both directions of travel
  • Access control: Access turnstiles
  • Ticket sales and Information: Ticket vending machines, ATM Information.
  • Restrooms: Combinations of booths depending on the project needs and requirements.
  • Control installations of the ATM: Centralization of the installations needed for the control of the station
  • Storage elements for bicycles and lockers

Also, the use of passive and active energy saving systems will reduce the energy maintenance costs of the ATM.


As a specific proposal, a design based on the following aspects has been developed:

  • Programming bands interconnected by means of transit bands that allow travel in both directions to connect two different modes of transport.
  • Programming bands made up of management cores and transportation waiting cores. These can be expanded indefinitely based on the needs expressed by the client.
  • Modular patterned architecture that integrates and solves structure, foundation and spatial use requirements (1.40 m).
  • Connection of programming bands and transit bands by means of structural boxes, arranged perpendicularly to the transit bands and which allow different types of covering, improving the spatial diversity of the project and providing control over the amount of light and weather of the passive energy saving systems.
Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Adif
Execution period: 2009-2012
Market: Planning

Endless possibilities

The standard ATM floor plan is arranged lengthwise, parallel to the direction of travel of the means of transport and separating the two modes of transport to which it provides service. The connection is provided by the transit bands that cross perpendicularly to the ATM. The elements of the station's program, the waiting areas, ticket offices, restrooms, storage elements and installations are located between the bands. The system allows modules of each one of the elements of the program to be added, separated by the transit bands, expanding the ATM by the length required and cover future needs of larger programs.