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TEICO: remote metering system for refuelling of railway rolling stock
IoT en el ferrocarril

More than 60 refuelling points

Real-time management of data

Integration with other corporate system

Integrated hardware-software solution

More and more, the need to gather accurate information instantly and in a centralized manner is becoming a basic requirement for proper management of organizations. This project addresses this need in the specific case of refuelling of railway stock in stations owned by Adif. It allows both the control of refuelling of the rolling stock as well as the early detection of leaks in the system.

Beginning with a situation in which there is no mechanism for gathering this information digitally at the refuelling points, which is a prior requirement to be able to centralize the measurements, a project was launched to address this problem, including the following aspects:

  • Prototyping of specific devices for reading digital information at each type of fuel dispenser (6 different types), as well as complete architecture for sending the information wirelessly, and complying with the client's security requirements (IoT).
  • Mass production and installation of these systems in all of the stations of the network (25 sites with more than 60 supply points distributed throughout Spain), effectively enabling the refuelling information to be read digitally.
  • Development and roll-out of a web-based solution for the consumption and use of this data in the form of dynamic dashboards.
  • Integration with other systems of Adif and the Tax Authority to generate the billing and control the security of the accesses.
Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Adif
Execution period: 2017-2018
Market: Digitalisation

An integrated project

This project represents the comprehensive approach that Ineco provides in the Digitization market, covering all of the possible vertical phases in a project of these characteristics: prototyping of hardware, production and installation of sensors and implementation of a software solution that makes use of the compiled information.