4 March 2016
Jesús Silva, the president of Ineco, Carlos Villalta, the Costa Rican minister of Public Works and Transport, and Luis Baz, the general director of Acciona Ingeniería, have signed a contract for the administrative, technical, legal and environmental management ... (+info)
1 April 2015
Ineco president Jesús Silva, together with North and Central America delegate José Solorza, has visited Costa Rica in order to attend a number of institutional meetings with various authorities of the country, as a response of an invitation from the Costa Rica ... (+info)
21 October 2014
Carlos Segnini, Minister of Public Works and Transport of Costa Rica, has met this morning with Ineco’s Managing Directors Ana Rojo (Engineering Operations and Services) and José Manuel Tejera (Infrastructure and Transport), as part of a visit program with the ... (+info)
3 September 2014
Pablo Vázquez, president of Ineco, has accompanied the Spanish Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ana Pastor, the Secretary of State of Infrastructure, Transport and Housing, Rafael Catalá, and Julio Gómez-Pomar, president of Renfe, in the Spanish delegation that has visited Costa Rica and Mexico to offer the collaboration of the government and the Spanish companies for the future infrastructure projects in both countries. In Costa Rica, the Spanish entourage has reviewed with the countr ... (+info)
1st of April of 2015
El presidente de Ineco, Jesús Silva, y el delegado de América del Norte y Central, José Solorza, han visitado Costa Rica para mantener encuentros institucionales con diversas autoridades de este país centroamericano, como respuesta a una invitación del gobiern ... (+info)
21st of October of 2014
Carlos Segnini, ministro de Obras Públicas y Transporte de Costa Rica, ha mantenido un encuentro esta mañana en Ineco con los directores generales de la compañía: Ana Rojo (Ingeniería y Servicios) y José Manuel Tejera (Infraestucturas y Transporte), dentro de ... (+info)
3rd of September of 2014
Pablo Vázquez, presidente de Ineco, ha acompañado a la ministra de Fomento, Ana Pastor, al secretario de Estado de Infraestructuras, Transporte y Vivienda, Rafael Catalá, y a Julio Gómez-Pomar, presidente de Renfe, en la delegación española que ha visitado Costa Rica y México para ofrecer la colaboración del gobierno y de las empresas españolas en los futuros proyectos de infraestructuras de ambos países. En Costa Rica, el grupo español ha repasado con los responsables de las infraestructura ... (+info)