Advanced training and teamwork in the field of air navigation with MITRE, an elite research center in the field in the United States


The President of Ineco, Sergio Vázquez Torrón, formalized at the Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (CAASD) of MITRE, a United States organization, the development of seminars that are going to be offered to the four best young aeronautical engineers of the public engineering company. Ineco has had a solid relationship with MITRE for close to two decades in tasks relating to research and development of new airspace design methodologies, implementation of advanced air traffic control concepts, and use and assessment of software tools utilized to evaluate air navigation. Both entities strengthened their relationship by signing an agreement in 2019 to work together in technical areas, knowledge transfer, and joint participation in projects of mutual interest at the international level.

As a part of the aerospace talent attraction and retention program (AYREA) that Ineco has been running since 2019, in which 109 interns have taken part, these seminars will include three or four days during the last quarter of the year, as a first phase in a process of selective training. Among other activities, there will be presentations by experts on MITRE’s best practices and MITRE-owned tools such as TARGETS, an air traffic simulation model and route evaluator for terminal airspace design that is able to assess flyability of new terminal route designs, or ASIAS, a system to analyze air safety to identify potential air traffic incidents, using a massive database of recorded flight data covering nearly all aircraft flying across the United States. Visits to MITRE laboratories will also take place where flight cockpit simulators assess the impact, both operational and environmental, of new airspace designs, as well as the reaction of pilots regarding their workload.

During his visit, Vázquez Torrón has been able to review not only ongoing projects but also discuss technical trends and opportunities to expand joint programs.

High technology for air traffic management

The activities relating to air traffic management are multiple and generally linked to the application of high-tech solutions to complex problems. MITRE works closely with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on the design of next-generation airspace systems. MITRE possesses some of the most advanced technical modeling, simulation, and analysis capabilities to assess improvements to current systems and to anticipate future operations in order, for example, to incorporate unmanned aircraft systems and services (UAS) or the integration and management of new commercial space traffic.

Meanwhile, Ineco, a Spanish public engineering company that is part of the MITMA Group (Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda), is a leader in services, projects and studies of air navigation systems and operations and has more than 20 years of national and international experience in these fields. It is the only Spanish entity that has International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recognition and the second, after Enaire, to obtain certification as a flight procedure designer in accordance with Regulation UE 2020/469. Among other jobs delivered to MITRE, the EOS tool stands out, developed in-house by INECO to support designing flight instrument procedures, it is used to analyze possible obstacles that aircraft may encounter in flight, and ensure aircraft maintain a minimum safe distance from them.

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