An awarded presentation on the Human Factor at the "1st ESA RAMS Conference"


Our colleague Marisol de Mena, an expert in the Human Factor, has received recognition for the best presentation at the "1st ESA RAMS Conference" held at the European Space Agency in Noordwijck, the Netherlands.

Under the title "Identification of the Most Critical Human Performance Conditioning Factors Involved into Different ATM scenarios", Marisol de Mena highlighted the aspects associated with the importance of the human element in the provision of air navigation services and its possible application to the design and operation of satellites, as well as the organisations that carry it out. A presentation based on the work developed by various members of the Aerospace Systems Deputy Directorate.

This conference has mainly dealt with aspects related to the management and development of RAMS analysis for software and the commissioning of satellites, in particular those associated with Cubesat, small-sized satellites that use commercial components.

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