Climate change at the center of a new edition of Ineco Forum

Medio Ambiente

The influence of human activities on the warming of the atmosphere, ocean and land surface is unequivocal, with a clear interdependence of climate change, ecosystem health, biodiversity loss and population effects. That is why it has been the protagonist of a new edition of the Ineco Forum Seminar Series. A day that has served to learn about Ineco's activity in the framework of the fight against climate change, as well as our role in the design of sustainable mobility.

For years, Ineco has been committed to the decarbonisation of transport, which is the most direct contribution that can be made from this sector to the fight against climate change. This objective is already assumed by most of the company's areas and specialties with a global and transversal approach. Products include pollution studies, calculation of carbon footprints, ACA (Airport Carbon Accreditation) certification, environmental sustainability plans, environmental impact assessment of infrastructure, sustainable mobility plans (SUMP, ISMP), new platforms such as MaaS & Smart Mobility, digitalisation (National Plan for Intelligent Territories) and energy efficiency plans, among others.

In his speech, the president of Ineco, Sergio Vázquez Torrón, highlighted that "There is no greater urgency than climate change, anyone who looks at the scientific evidence can see that. And mobility is its main driver, causing almost one out of every three Co2 emissions in Spain. We have a problem and we can no longer think about transportation as we did decades ago. At Ineco, we have teams with the experience, awareness and talent to overcome the greatest challenge of this century. We have an opportunity to position ourselves as a European benchmark if we take a holistic perspective to overcome this challenge." He also announced that our company has obtained the "Calculo-Reduzco-Compenso" seal, the highest level awarded by the Spanish Climate Change Office, which identifies Ineco as an organisation that is committed to sustainability, that actively fights against climate change, and has complied with previously established emission reduction commitments.

During the session, Elena Curto, manager 3 Environment and Territory, Pedro Saldaña, manager 1 Environment and Territory, María Carpio, technician 1 Environment and Territory and Lourdes González, manager 3 Management System, presented our commitment through a round table discussion. In addition, they also presented the Climate Action Plan, the consultancy products required for decarbonisation and compliance with the objectives and the importance of the Climate Change Regulatory Framework.

You can watch this Ineco Forum again by clicking here.

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