Denmark, hand in hand with Ineco in ERTMS deployment


Ineco has signed a new agreement with Banedanmark to provide technical support in the deployment of the ERTMS level 2 signaling system in Denmark. In this way, the company extends the work developed for the Danish company over the last four years.

Specifically, Ineco will provide technical support for ERTMS System Compatibility testing by, reviewing the test plans, analyzing the ERTMS operational test results and writing the ERTMS operational test reports. Additionally, Ineco will define new test scenarios and will also update the existing operational test scenarios developed for the ERTMS compatibility testing of the subsystems and on-board ERTMS system.

ERTMS is the European Rail Traffic Management System promoted by the European Commission and is being implemented in the nine main corridors of the European Union. Its objective is to establish a common language that allows the interoperability of the European rail network, a project that brings great improvements in railway operation, allowing the internal and cross-border movement of all kinds of trains providing greater traffic capacity, higher levels of safety and lower costs.

This new agreement strengthens Ineco’s position as the company of reference in this area. Ineco leads the management of ERTMS implementation in Europe, being present in the working groups focused on defining its future.

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