Did you know that we are working for the General Directorate for Roads in Spain?


More than 280 Ineco professionals have been working since 2008 for the General Directorate of Roads of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, providing technical, legal and administrative support.

Technicians, IT specialists, lawyers and administrative staff make up these multidisciplinary teams, which are based in their own offices close to the client, enabling them to offer a fast, agile and operational service.

Among the main tasks carried out within the framework of these assignments are the following:

  • Management and processing of expropriations in all phases, advising the General Directorate on public information, issuance of summons and publications, among others.
  • Technical, legal and administrative support in road maintenance and operation tasks, in the processing and registration of files, including control and surveillance and inspection of highways, motorways and roads in maintenance and upkeep operations.
  • Support in the drafting and processing of road operation files.
  • Collaboration in the preparation and development of different studies, technical reports, drafting of works projects, supervision and proposals for actions at different points of the network, including delineation, 3D modeling and topographic surveys.
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of computer applications that facilitate the preparation of documentation, data recording and transmission and file digitalisation tasks.
  • Support in administrative tasks, management of the Documentary Archive and follow-up of the processing of files.
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