A different day for sons and daughters of women prisoners of the Aranjuez Penitentiary Center

Spending a day away from prison to try to enjoy a day like any other boy or girl of their age. With this objective, Ineco professionals took the sons and daughters of ten women prisoners from the Aranjuez Penitentiary to Faunia Park this Saturday. In Spain, mothers serving sentences in prisons have the right to keep their children with them until they are three years old.

In this context, Ineco and the Ampara Association have joined forces in this activity, which forms part of the 'Sin cartas marcadas' campaign promoted by the company among its staff. Thus, Ineco's own workers accompanied the boys and girls in Faunia, where they enjoyed, away from the prison, the visit to the animals.

Improve emotional development

A social work for which they had the support of the volunteers of the Ampara Association, whose mission is to help women prisoners to normalise their lives after their stay in a prison. Thus, they want to contribute to improving the emotional, social, psychological and motor development of children. And spending time outside the penitentiary center and enjoying days with different activities is very positive for them.

Ineco's 'Sin cartas marcadas' solidarity campaign also encompasses other initiatives with the aim of alleviating the difference in opportunities for some children and teenagers whose families are experiencing economic difficulties. One more example of the many included in the Ineco Solidarity Program which, in 2021, has carried out 51 activities contributing more than 4,800 volunteer hours that have benefited 145,000 people directly and almost 315,000 people indirectly.

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