Euro Solidarity 2020 fights malnutrition in Burkina Faso

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

The president of Ineco, Carmen Librero, held a meeting with Macarena Céspedes, the Director of Spain of the Educo Foundation, officially delivering the funds raised for the project chosen by the Ineco team "Health care and education to fight malnutrition in children under 5 in Burkina Faso" as part of the 10th Euro Solidarity Campaign, which ended in 2020.

Thanks to the charitable contributions of more than 400 Ineco professionals, as well as the amount doubled by the company, Educo has been able to reduce the incidence of acute malnutrition in 315 children and 144 mothers living in the Yatenga Province. The aid addresses different areas of action such as detection, diagnosis, medical care and prevention. Burkina Faso has one of the highest poverty and child mortality rates in the world: eight out of ten people live on less than 3 dollars a day and 743,000 children under five suffer from malnutrition (one in three severely).

With this, Ineco is helping to achieve SDG 2: Zero Hunger, as part of the company's commitment to contribute to the objectives of Agenda 2030.

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