Europe tests the future of urban air mobility


The presence in our cities of air taxis, drones for the delivery of goods or unmanned systems for emergencies is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. In this sense, urban aerial mobility (UAM) will help us to create more sustainable and intelligent cities.

With this objective on the horizon, Ineco, in consortium with 16 of the sector's leading organisations, is launching AMU-LED, a European Commission H2020 project whose main purpose is to demonstrate the safe integration of different types of drone operations in the skies above our cities.

It is an ambitious two-year initiative that plans to carry out one of the largest demonstrations of mobility services with aerial vehicles in urban environments in 2022. For this purpose, several scenarios have been chosen in three different countries: Santiago de Compostela in Spain, Cranfield in the UK, and Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Coordinated by Everis, the consortium, in addition to our company, is made up of a very prominent group of agents within the sector: Airbus, AirHub, Altitude Angel, ANRA Technologies, Boeing Research & Technology-Europe, FADA-CATEC, Cranfield University, EHang, ENAIRE, Gemeente Amsterdam, ITG, Jeppesen, NLR, Space53 and Tecnalia.

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More than 100 flight hours in urban areas

The exercises planned within AMU-LED include more than 100 flight hours combining different unmanned aerial systems and considering various scenarios, use cases and applications. These will consist of air taxi operations, cargo transport, delivery of goods and medical equipment, inspection of infrastructures, police surveillance, and emergency services support.
Through real tests and simulations, the project will explore and demonstrate how to decongest roads, improve transportation of people and goods, reduce travel times, increase flexibility, cut pollution, and reduce traffic accidents.
Thanks to the data obtained from the different tests, AMU-LED will be able to provide invaluable information to regulatory authorities such as the EASA. Ultimately the goal is to help develop and establish laws and regulations in the urban air mobility field.

A commitment to the evolution of air traffic management

AMU-LED is an H2020 project of the European Union framed in the SESAR Joint Undertaking (grant agreement No 101017702). SESAR aims to ensure air traffic management modernisation in Europe, where urban air mobility (UAM) is a key element. It requires creating new concepts and regulations to design, structure, and industrialise a sustainable and interoperable system within current air traffic.
The comprehensive and multi-disciplinary team of professionals at AMU-LED includes experts in air traffic solutions, simulation and drone operations, research technology centres, legislators and experts in tests and demonstrators.

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