Galicia brings together the pioneers of 5G in Spain


Ana Rojo, director of Ineco's Innovation and Product Development Office, participated in the discussion day "Galicia, en la vanguardia del 5G" (Galicia, at the forefront of 5G) Organised by Telefónica and La Voz de Galicia journal, this session brought together the protagonists of the main use cases of 5G to learn about what they consist of and what opportunities are opening up in this field.

Our company participates in various innovation projects with the aim of promoting the use of 5G technology in transport infrastructure, demonstrating its usefulness and highlighting the benefits it offers.

Within the framework of Piloto 5G Galicia, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation through, in 2021,the Cereixal Tunnel became the first in Spain to be connected to vehicles, thanks to the collaboration with Telefónica, Nokia, Stellantis, CTAG and SICE. This smart tunnel sends information to drivers about weather conditions at the exit, road works, slow vehicle warnings, possible traffic jam, accident, obstacle in the road, presence of pedestrians, oncoming vehicles or sudden braking during their journey through the tunnel, in addition to the warning of the entry of an emergency vehicle.

In addition, in this Pilot, Ineco, together with Telefónica, Adif and Huawei implemented in 2020 in Pontevedra and Ourense, a solution for remote inspection of railway tracks. Combining 5G technology with drones and artificial intelligence makes railway maintenance tasks easier and better. The information collected by the drone, along with the images captured by the cameras, are sent in real time to a control center, which allows the drone to be controlled remotely and autonomously, to carry out railroad inspections in a safer and more effective way.

During her speech, Ana Rojo pointed out that: "with these two pilots projects led with Telefónica, we have seen first-hand how 5G technology is going to help the mobility sector, which is immersed in a very challenging digital and social transformation". In addition, she also highlighted our innovative link with Galicia, where Ineco is working in AMULED, a collaborative drone project for urban area mobility, whose tests are being carried out at the Rozas aerodrome in Lugo and in the surroundings of the Santiago airport, were we are developing INFRADAPT with the University of Vigo, with which we have developed innovative and disruptive mobile mapping solutions for the generation of BIM infraestructure models.

Representatives of Telefónica, Amtega, the Galician Automotive Technology Center, ICT Cluster and the School of Telecommunications of the University of Vigo participated in this meeting. Galicia has placed itself at the forefront of 5G in Spain, being the Spanish region where the most trials on its practical applications have been carried out.

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