Ineco Awards 2021: recognizing and fostering team talent


Talent has been the star of  Ineco Awards 2021. An event that has recognized innovation and technological forefront, commitment to environmental sustainability, commitment to knowledge management and support for brand positioning; all this as an example of the creativity and involvement of the Ineco team through the various internal calls promoted by the company on an annual basis.

The event also served to highlight the experience and trajectory of colleagues who have been working in the company for 25 years, as part of Ineco's history since 1995. A long and successful professional career that demonstrates his excellence and talent, collected in this video.

During the event, the president, Carmen Librero, accompanied by Ineco's management team, has highlighted the talent of the more than 3,500 professionals who make up Ineco, highlighting the value of the company's internal awards that allow professionals to channel their entrepreneurial spirit and generate spaces to encourage creativity.

Awards (36)
Events (92)
Innovation (16)
Meetings (37)
Projects (130)
Proyectos (4)