Ineco collaborates in the promotion of one of the most advanced projects in drone operations.


Sergio Vázquez Torrón, president of Ineco, has participated as representative of the MITMA Group in the institutional act on the occasion of the launch of the demonstrations in Spain of AMU-LED, an innovation project, co-funded by the EU through H2020 and the SESAR program, which involves 17 different entities from Europe and the United States, including Ineco.

The president of Ineco highlighted that "this is a virtuous collaborative project, an example of good harmony between public and private companies, large and small, and of different profiles that work in a coordinated manner to achieve a common goal: to demonstrate the safe flight of aerial cabs and drones in cities". In addition, he pointed out "the importance of this project to promote the development of the regulation that accompanies the advance of technology" as well as "to contribute to the decarbonisation of transport which, in the case of parcel services in urban environments, is responsible for 25% of CO2 emissions and 50% of particles emitted into the atmosphere in our cities".

The objective of the project is to demonstrate the safe and efficient integration of different types of drone operations in the skies above our cities and thereby contribute to regulatory and policy development.

The welcoming ceremony took place at the Cidade da Cultura in the city of Santiago de Compostela. A day in which institutions and media have attended the presentation of one of the largest and most advanced concentrations of aerial traffic of drones in Europe, with manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. They also had the opportunity to visit the drone traffic control center that will be installed for testing, a pioneer in Europe.

Ineco will operate several flights to subsequently analyse part of the results of the management of the U-space platforms in order to evaluate their performance and compare it with other tests in which different architectures have been tested. The company has defined the interactions and communication protocols between the various U-space service providers.

This ambitious initiative comprises one of the largest demonstrations of mobility services with aerial vehicles in an urban environment. During the demonstrations, manned and unmanned aircraft will be involved, performing more than 30 operations, both real and simulated, in a total of 11 landing sites distributed between the Cidade da Cultura, Lavacolla airport, the soccer field of the University of Santiago and the 061 helicopter base at the Hospital de Conxo.

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