Ineco evaluates the Line 2 safety of Panama City Subway


Ineco is carrying out the Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) of the electromechanical system of the Airport branch of Line 2 of the Panama City Subway.

ISAs can only be performed by an accredited assessor and are essential to ensure that a new line or modification of an existing one is safe and can lead or continue in operation. Ineco has the recognition as an inspection entity for the Independent Safety Assessment of Railway Applications valid in the more than 70 countries with which ENAC has mutual recognition agreements, including the EU, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, India, United Arab Emirates, Panama and Mexico, among others. Our company has been carrying out assessments on the Spanish railway network for more than a decade, a task in which it was a pioneer.

These works are part of the engineering services for the design, construction, supply and auxiliary installations of the line and stations of the integrated railway system and interfaces for the commissioning of the approximately 2 km branch line that connects Line 2 of the Panama City Subway with the ITSE (East High-level Technical Institute) and with the Tocumen International Airport (AIT). Previously Ineco had already carried out the ISA of the L1 and L2 lines of the Panama Subway, also for Alstom.

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