Ineco joins the Spanish Red Cross food security without borders challenge, in a programme focused on women

Ineco collaborates in the Spanish Red Cross project for rural and nutritional development in Burundi. The Tubehoneza project works for gender equality and focuses on women's empowerment, which is essential in the fight against poverty, in climate adaptation and mitigation, and in building resilience. Women play a key role in the rural economy, accounting for more than 80 per cent of the agricultural labour force. In addition, the project includes improved sanitation facilities to enable women and girls to manage their periods in a safe, effective and dignified manner. Since its launch in 2018, more than 1,000 women have obtained their health card as cardholders and more than 100 women have been trained in women's leadership mobilising hundreds of other women in their communities.

To see how life in these areas has improved, access to this video.

The project contributes to the sustainable strengthening of the resilience of Burundi's rural population, and aims to improve food security, nutrition and social cohesion for more than 350,000 people. To this end, the NGO supports 2,640 households and five agricultural cooperatives in strengthening their capacity to produce, store, process and sell their products on local markets.

This project is a further step in the framework of the stable collaboration between the two organisations since 2009. This June, the Spanish Red Cross recognised our commitment to transforming society and the great solidarity work we carry out at its event dedicated to the companies most committed to this organisation.

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