Ineco, with LGBTI diversity and inclusion

Ineco hosted the first conference on LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion, organised in collaboration with Spain's first inter-company network of experts on diversity and inclusion of LGBTI workers, the Business Network for LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion (REDI).

The conference, moderated by Jorge de San José, the company's Director of People, was attended by Miguel Castro, President of REDI; Isabel García, Cabinet Advisor to the Minister of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda (MITMA); and Israel González, Technician in the Management of Special Projects at Ineco. The President of Ineco, Carmen Librero, closed the event.

During his speech, REDI's President, Miguel Castro highlighted that "the commitment to diversity and inclusion by companies is not only the right thing to do from a human rights perspective, it also has a positive impact on different business metrics" and that "despite the positive legal situation that the LGBTI community has in Spain, there is still a high percentage of people who are afraid to be themselves in the workplace".

On the part of MITMA, Isabel García highlighted that "the public administration has a dual responsibility with respect to LGTBI policies. On the one hand, to legislate and create the optimal conditions to protect the civil rights of LGTBI people and, on the other, to make all the workers of the administration feel protected and be able to live their sexual orientation or identity with complete normality."

Ineco was represented by Israel González, who stressed that "in the setting of the company, we are all people. All the same and all different. Diversity enriches us as individuals and as professionals. For Israel, "Ineco has consolidated itself as a free and safe environment for professional and personal fulfilment. The fear of expressing feelings and being free has been left behind". "Recognizing and defending the diversity of people is one of the main resources of companies to take advantage of their full potential as human capital," he concluded.

The president, Carmen Librero, closed the session, emphasizing that our company has "solid foundations, based on respect and tolerance" that now make it possible for us to "implement concrete actions that decisively support the full inclusion of the LGTBI collective in our company".

With this initiative, Ineco publicly recognizes its commitment to diversity and the inclusion of the LGTBI collective, following its joining REDI and within the framework of the collaboration agreement between the Business Network and the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda.

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