Ineco reflects on the transmission of university talent to the enterprise


Ineco has participated this Tuesday in the webinar '¿Son útiles las prácticas en empresa de los másteres de ingeniería?' (Are internships in engineering masters useful?) in collaboration with the Engineering Institute of Spain and Redfue. A space to discuss different issues related to internships for students of the master’s degree in Engineering.

Ineco has highlighted the high level of recruitment of trainees incorporated through its AYREA, AYRFE and STARTIC scholarship programs, aimed at university students in the Aerospace, Railway and ICT fields, respectively.

At the closing event, it was reminded that the registration period for the Third Edition of the Contest for Distinctions for Excellence in Engineering Student Internships organized by Ineco, the Spanish Engineering Institute and the Network of University-Enterprise Foundations (REDFUE) is still open until May 17.

In addition, the significance of establishing monitoring indicators to improve the excellence of the scholarships was discussed. Another aspect highlighted by Lara Serrano, Manager of the selection area of Ineco, has been the impact of a good practice to improve the employability of future engineers and has discussed the importance of managing knowledge in this first professional stage of students, a cornerstone for the capitalization of Know How in organizations.

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