Ineco shares its experience in transport operational safety with Nepal

Air Navigation

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal, Mr. Sushil Ghimire, met with Pablo Vázquez, chairman of Ineco, at our headquarters to analyse new collaboration options between Ineco and the Civil Aviation of Nepal.

During his visit to Spain, Mr. Sushul Ghimire also had meetings with Javier Marín, CEO of Aena Aeropuertos, Angel Luis Arias, CEO of Civil Aviation and Isabel Mestre, CEO of the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency, to share experiences about the separation of the regulator-operator en the field of civil aviation, the privatisation of airports and its potential impact on operational safety of air transportation. At the moment, the Civil Aviation of Nepal finds itself in a process of change to improve security of its aerial operations.

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