Ineco will advise Peru on the development of a new airfield in the Amazon jungle


Ineco, in consortium with the Peruvian consultant HOB, has been awarded the contract for the consulting services for the preparation of a pre-investment study at the profile level for the construction of a new airfield in the Barranca district, in the department of Loreto in the Peruvian Amazon.

This study will define the possible alternatives for the location and dimensions of the airfield, in order to select the best solution for the development of the future project. The main aspects covered by the study will include, among others, traffic demand, analysis of airspace and flight procedures, the geometric configuration of the airfield, development of technical, economic, social and environmental aspects, engineering at the profile level and the project costs.

Ineco will be in charge of the work associated with the airfield, while HOB Consultores will carry out the work that is more closely related to the knowledge of the local conditions and will also perform all of the necessary data collection and field work.

Along with this project, Ineco is at the same time working on the planning of new airport infrastructure in Peru for the Ministry of Transport and Communications, on the design of several airports for private operators in the country, and on the supervision of expansion work at Lima's Jorge Chávez International Airport for OSITRAN.

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