The IngenioSOS Programme succeeds in helping more than 1,350 young people in Kenya

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ineco collaborates with the Kirira Foundation to fight for the eradication of female genital mutilation in Kenya, thanks to a project in Tharaka for the installation of solar energy in 17 rural schools. In this way, the company contributes to improving the living conditions of these young girls and the environment in which they live, as well as facilitating their stay in these centres.

More than 1,350 people are benefiting from this initiative, part of the fourth edition of the "Ingeniosos" corporate volunteering programme. We have advised the NGO on the design of the solar panels and streetlights, taking into account the climate, terrain, available space, efficiency and sustainability, as well as the financing of the installation and panels. Among the improvements carried out were the installation of 34 interior solar panels, 76 exterior solar street lights and the improvement of the infrastructure and security of four classrooms. Our congratulations to the volunteers Juan Carlos Ramiro, project leader; María Macías and Daniel Latorre for their commitment and solidarity.

Thanks to Kirira's activity in the area and the improvement of the living conditions of the schools and centres provided by Ineco, hundreds of girls are able to escape from FGM and opt for a free future where they can choose to continue their studies and their childhood. In addition, this volunteering for the Kirira Foundation and its fight against female genital mutilation joins the one we already developed in 2020 for the design and development of a mobile application for management and monitoring, suitable for tablets and computers, which is used by the anti-ablation clubs of 86 schools and allows a system of coordination and monitoring of women who suffer from this scourge.


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