Innovation and BIM for the management of roads


Ineco, in partnership with Azvi, Ferrovial Agroman, Cemosa and Ingeniería Insitu, carries out the INFRA_ADAPT project, which aims to respond to the problems and needs identified in the transport infrastructure sector, within the framework of adaptation to climate change, through a concept of resilience that translates into the development of "BIM Technologies for Predictive Management of Transport Infrastructure Vulnerable to the Effects of Climate Change." 

This project integrates the following developments:

– BIM digitization solutions for infrastructure.

– Massive capture of geometric data of infrastructure built using "Mobile Mapping" techniques.

– Algorithms for the detection of vulnerable areas.

– Incident early warning solutions based on monitoring of vulnerable areas.

– Protocols of initiatives and strategies for the management of the exploitation, redesign and execution of corrective actions.

The transportation system is paramount in our daily lives and plays a fundamental role in the social and economic development of a region and a country, both for the transport of people and of goods. 

The greater severity or frequency of certain meteorological events, expected as a consequence of climate change, will impose a series of new requirements on the different elements of the transport networks in order for them to continue to provide their services efficiently.

This project is funded by the CDTI, with assistance co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the "Operational Programme for Smart Growth 2014-2020"

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