A journey through civil engineering in the centre of Madrid


Ineco is once again taking part in the Madrid Civil Engineering Week. The Plaza de España has once again become the epicentre of engineering, thanks to the exhibition       "Viaje por la Ingeniería de Caminos" (A trip through Civil Engineering) in which our company is showing the T-AIS intelligent totem pole on Friday 3 March.

In the opening, the institutional authorities, including the president of Ineco, Sergio Vázquez Torrón, visited the exhibition space where T-Ais is located.  Designed to improve the autonomy of disabled travellers, its real-time information system facilitates universal accessibility by providing access, at a single point, to all the information adapted to disabled people.

In the exhibition, visitors, through an immersive experience, virtual reality, simulators and models, will get to know and experience, with all their senses, different areas of road engineering, such as mobility, energy, transport, ports, innovative materials or structures. A way of getting to know the most human side of road engineering and the people who make possible all those actions that improve people's lives on a daily basis.

During this Engineering Week, a circuit of free visits to relevant infrastructure, control centres and construction sites, to which access is usually restricted, has also been set up. The programme of the 7th Civil Engineering Week in Madrid includes recreational activities for all audiences and demonstrative workshops aimed at young students.

More information here.


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