Justice 2030 Plan progresses with the participation of Ineco


Ineco collaborates with the Ministry of Justice in many important initiatives in the relationship between citizens and professionals in the sector and the Justice Administration. These include access to the Electronic Judicial File for professionals through the ACCEDA platform, a shared service of the General State Administration, which has 12 procedures enabled for the digital transformation and provision of de-localised services in the field of the Administration of Justice. Controlled and secure electronic access to court file documents by professionals was a historic demand that first saw the light of day in December 2020. Since then, more than 200,000 files have been downloaded, with consequent economic and environmental benefits.

This service is being used by the five autonomous communities of the "Ministry territory", in addition to Ceuta and Melilla and central courts. Of the autonomous communities with transferred competences in the field of justice, it is also being used by Asturias and La Rioja, and will gradually be made available to the rest. This is a further step towards involving the devolved autonomous communities in the continuous technological evolution and improvement being carried out by the Ministry of Justice.

This initiative and projects such as "Carpeta Justicia" (Justice Folder), “Justicia orientada y basada en datos” (Data-driven and data-based justice), “Interacción digital” (Digital interaction), “Ciberseguridad” (Cybersecurity),  “Medios Adecuados de Solución de Controversias (MASC)”(Appropriate Means of Dispute Resolution - ADR) and “Textualización e inteligencia artificial” (Textualisation and artificial intelligence) , among others, are part of the ambitious Justice 2030 Plan, in which Ineco is closely involved, reaffirming its position as the Ministry's main ICT collaborator. 

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