Metaverse, vertiports and digital twins for the future of mobility


Ineco launches the call for product innovation, the first of the four annual intrapreneurship spaces of the new innovation model of MITMA Group engineering and consulting. The metaverse, vertiports or digital twins are some of the technological trends that are applied in the more than 80 ideas received.

The ideas received cover all innovation horizons: incremental and disruptive. The new generative design methodology would allow faster and more efficient decision making, including new factors such as carbon footprint, for the design and study of projects. The vertiports, pillars of the new urban mobility, have also been taken into account in the proposal of ideas such as the methodology for their planning and functional design. As a disruptive innovation, the analysis of the metaverse in the world of infrastructures will allow us to add value to our services and products. A new generation of ideas that will improve the mobility of the future.

The new innovation model aims to provide solutions to the challenges through the promotion of the creativity and internal talent of its professionals. Product development, business model, internal processes and social innovation are the four calls for intrapreneurship that will allow Ineco's team of 5,000 professionals to participate in the optimization of the complete cycle of the company's activity.

Product development: from idea to prototype

Over the next few weeks, various multidisciplinary teams at Ineco will convert the 21 selected ideas into final proposals, which will be presented to Ineco's first Innovation Committee. This jury, made up of 17 people, includes the company's president, Sergio Vázquez Torrón, as well as representatives from all areas of Ineco. Two references in the innovative ecosystem complete the large group: Ana Alcaine and Miguel Urrecha, prestigious professor in business schools and entrepreneur in the generation of new innovative business models, respectively.

Open Innovation Model

These calls will be completed with a new vertical based on open innovation that is currently being designed and that will allow engineering and consulting to add synergies with the rest of the innovative ecosystem.

Ineco's objective is to establish the necessary mechanisms that will allow it to co-innovate with technology centers, universities and other external agents at the forefront of disruptive solutions.

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