More sustainable energy for Barajas airport


Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport already has an ionic module to generate electricity in a sustainable way. Since November 2021, Ineco has been collaborating with IÓNICA and Alberto Santana, who patented this technology, in the technical support, facilitation and supervision of the pilot test that will begin this month.

There are many unknowns that need to be resolved during the first phase of this preliminary test and which Ineco, in its role as auditor, will be responsible for resolving. The main one will be the calculation of the price of each MWh produced by the generator, for which it will be necessary to take into account several inputs such as the useful life of the battery or generator, the valorisation of the by-product in the form of hydrogen gas or the valorisation of the by-product in the form of aluminium phosphate. The operation of this module is similar to that of a battery and is composed of a set of cells that promote the kinetics of an electrolyte inside, triggering an electrochemical process to generate electrical energy in a stable manner using aluminium as a raw material. Within the framework of this collaboration agreement with IÓNICA, Ineco is responsible for verifying that the system actually generates electricity in an environmentally sustainable, stable and economical manner. In addition, it must verify the quantity and quality of the by-products generated.

A total of twelve people from our company have participated in this project so far.

Our company is collaborating in the supervision of the execution of the tests and measurements defined in the plan, preparing the description and results documents of the tests carried out in order to formalise them in a conclusions document. This document will include data on the stability of the system, the ranges of power delivered, the cost of each KWh generated, its main weaknesses if any are detected, and corrective or improvement proposals.

The prototype, in the defined location, will serve seven AC charging points, each with 22 KW of power.

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