NEST and Ineco, an unbeatable combination


Ineco has held a new webinar, this time dedicated to the NEST software, developed by Eurocontrol to support capacity and traffic flow management in the provision of air navigation services. For more than 20 years, Ineco develops studies in this field, including the design of sector configuration, optimization of air traffic flows and analysis of operating scenarios for the best allocation of control shifts. With NEST, Ineco can evaluate the impact on network performance by simulating configurations, regulations and delays, in combination with other ATM simulation tools.

The session, moderated and guided by Javier Luengo, manager of Ineco's Airspace area, consisted of the presentation of three approaches to the subject by the company's experts Mariano Rubio, Paloma Montero and Lara Sánchez. The session also included the participation of Manuel Heras, head of Enaire's En Route Operations Management and Terminal Area Division.In the first block, an overview of the interface and the main features of the tool was given. Subsequently, apresentation of some examples of use cases carried out at Ineco for Enaire was followed by an analysis of how NEST can be enhanced with the knowledge of our company.

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