The new access to the Port of Santander designed by Ineco becomes a reality


A team of around 30 Ineco professionals has participated in the drafting of the construction project for the new access to the Port of Santander from the A-67 highway, inaugurated today by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez.

The new access to the port is materialised through the construction of an elevated traffic circle over the A-67 and the railroad tracks that access the port, accompanied by the corresponding entrance and exit branches to the A-67 in both directions. The designed link distributes traffic between the Port of Santander, CITRASA and the A-67, increasing the capacity of the existing roads, which are eliminated. The main traffic circle, 103 meters in diameter and an average width of 15 meters, has a mixed deck made up of two metal caissons and a third wide one, reaching almost 30 meters of platform, and an upper concrete slab whose construction reduces the impact on the traffic of the A-67 highway and the railroad service. The access and exit branches for use are resolved in a similar way, using a metallic structure and maintaining the upper concrete slab.

The aforementioned widening of the traffic circle platform on the port access side is motivated by the need to allow the access of special transport, traffic of great importance for the Port of Santander. 

In her speech, the minister stressed that "we should celebrate the commissioning of this connection, which will significantly improve the distribution of traffic between the A-67 highway, the port of Santander and the Ciudad del Transporte". Because, she adds, this is a long-awaited intervention in the city since "it is integrated in the section with the highest traffic in Cantabria, which also concentrates the accesses to two industrial estates, two shopping centers and the airport".

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