New BIM Commission Meeting


The President of Ineco, Jesús Silva, participated in the second meeting of the BIM Commission which was presided by the Subsecretary of Public Works Mario Garcés.

Ineco supports this initiative launched by the Ministry of Public Works that is aimed at boosting the implementation of BIM methodology in Spain in which representatives from both the public and private sectors take part.

Thanks to 3D digital modelling, Building Information Modelling allows for management of the overall infrastructure by involving all of the actors. It also allows for reducing costs, cutting down on both design and production time, and improving the quality of engineering, architecture and construction projects.

This Commission endeavours to promote the application of BIM during the entire life cycle of infrastructures, to raise awareness among public administrations concerning the implementation of BIM requirements for infrastructure tenders, to set a timetable for adapting the regulations for their generalised use, to develop national standards that regulate the use of BIM, and to create an academic training curriculum of this methodology in Spain.

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