Nominated for our work on the rehabilitation of the Martín Gil Viaduct


The construction project for the rehabilitation of the Martin Gil Viaduct is nominated for the "Conservación estructural en construcción 2022" Awards in the Engineering category. This Ineco project defines the rehabilitation of the viaduct elements with pathologies that could affect its proper structural performance, in addition to improving the conservation and durability of the structure and its elements in the long term.

The bid has highlighted the use of drones for detailed inspection. Due to the large dimensions of the viaduct, it was the largest concreted arch viaduct in the world at the time of its construction, a traditional visual inspection was not going to provide all the necessary information about the condition of the structure. Therefore, two types of cameras mounted on drones were used to create a 3D model of the viaduct using the photogrammetry technique. The data from the LIDAR system was used to generate a point cloud that was also transformed into a 3D model. Both models have made it possible to identify and quantify damage throughout the viaduct.

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These awards, organised by ARPHO, will be presented on November 10, at the ARPHO 2022 Forum. Through these awards, the association seeks to promote and disseminate the work done in concrete repair, reinforcement and protection.


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