Portugal entrusts Ineco with the implementation of the ERTMS system


The need to guarantee interoperability by coordinating all actions efficiently and in a centralized manner, together with the confidence in Ineco's professionalism, backed by years of experience in the implementation of the ERTMS system, has led Thales Portugal to entrust our company with the implementation of ERTMS level 2 at Elvas Station. 
Ineco's work includes the update, to the new version of the European specification, of the existing operational rules, the proposal of new rules based on new functionalities and the definition and elaboration of a generic ERTMS test specification valid for the entire Portuguese network. In addition, we will carry out the ERTMS level 2 functionality tests, both in the laboratory and on track, prior to the commissioning of the Elvas pilot station, preparing the test scenarios, leading the execution of the campaign and monitoring possible incidents for their resolution.
The ERTMS signaling system makes it possible to control the distance between two trains in real time, thus improving the capacity and regularity of the lines, while meeting the objective of interoperability between the different European networks. Ineco leads the management of ERTMS implementation in Europe, being present in the working groups in charge of defining its future.

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