Sergio Vázquez highlights Spanish talent as a cornerstone of " Marca España"


The president of Ineco, Sergio Vázquez Torrón, participated in the third edition of Taleñt in a round table discussion on the role of Spanish companies as the driving force behind the Spain brand.

In his speech, Sergio Vázquez emphasized that: "public institutions and companies in Spain are losing complexes and we are beginning to realise that our capacity has nothing to envy to other European economies. To project ourselves outside, we must know how to reflect ourselves inside".

With the top representatives of Osborne, Iberdrola, Acciona Energía and Tous, the President pointed out that: "We must make a greater effort to capture internal talent, we must work more on the diversity of that talent in all senses. Also in the social condition, because sometimes not all young people have come out of the same situation and have come from other more difficult environments. It is important that companies are able to attract that diversity of talent."

Taleñt is an event that every year brings together the main Spanish business, political and social leaders with the purpose of analysing the opportunities that this new decade poses for the enormous talent of the people and companies that make up our society. All this, promoting together that this will be the engine of a new strategy and country vision that will drive the human transformation that we need in this new horizon.

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