SIDESAT: Ineco's tool for predicting satellite connectivity


Ineco presented its new SIDESAT solution this Tuesday during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which will make it possible to predict the coverage of satellite communication and navigation signals anywhere in the world. A technology that will benefit geolocation applications, emergency services and the connection of autonomous vehicles are just some of the services that will benefit from this new solution.

Ineco, the engineering and consultancy firm of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, has taken the 'In Orbit' conference to the Spanish pavilion led by to analyse the future of satellite technology and present its SIDESAT project. The president of Ineco, Sergio Vázquez Torrón, stressed that "the mobility model we are moving towards means that transport networks are increasingly dependent on communications and positioning systems".

A scenario in which, as Vázquez Torrón argued, the launch of solutions such as SIDESAT makes sense, because "satellite technology has become a key that allows coverage even in remote areas, where terrestrial connections do not reach; which has obvious economic, social, business and also geopolitical implications". The President is committed to "providing States with capacity and autonomy in this new scenario, with highly qualified public talent oriented towards the common good. This is the only way we will be able to talk on equal terms with the most advanced technological sectors".

Ineco's internal call for innovation has given this project the green light for its development. According to Eva Ramírez, head of SIDESAT's development, "its power lies in the fact that it will make it possible to evaluate the visibility of signals in applications that require localisation and connection for data transmission anywhere in the world, and without the need to deploy any infrastructure for this purpose".

He also explained that the idea is for SIDESAT to serve mainly for "application developers who can know, before deploying their solution, how viable it is going to be, based on the visibility of the satellites. This visibility depends on the environment surrounding the user, be it mountains, buildings or the position of the satellite itself.

This satellite technology and its environment is covered in the latest Ineco Impulsa report, which can be downloaded at this link: Ineco Impulsa: Connected to space.

She was joined by Ineco's Director of Innovation and Product Development, Ana Rojo, and the Deputy Director of Aerospace Systems, Victor Bustos.

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