"What is essential to embarking on an international career is that the conditions and opportunities exist for women who want to do so, can do it"


Salomé Fernández, deputy director of the America Account, has been the new protagonist of ICEX's "Women and Internalisation" platform.

In an interview, Salomé describes her career in various international projects until she reached her current position in Mexico, where she also holds the position of general manager of the Mexican subsidiary, Inecomex. "I have evolved as I have taken on the difficulties and challenges of positions with a heavier load, in new countries and with new clients," he said during his speech, which you can watch in full here.

"Mujer e Internalización" (Women and Internalization) is a platform that seeks to become a meeting place, in which to share experiences, create community and establish a network of support among women entrepreneurs, businesswomen and managers.

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