Young aeronautical talent from Ineco is trained at MITRE


Four members of Ineco's AYREA Programme (Attraction and Retention of Aerospace Talent) have participated in training sessions at the Centre for Advanced Aviation Systems Development (CAASD) of the US corporation MITRE.

Lara Cristina Sánchez, Marcos Moreno, Francisco Soler and Héctor Guerrero took part in four days of seminars, presentations, laboratory demonstrations and visits to the facilities of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as part of the collaboration agreement between Ineco and MITRE, formalised last July. Both organisations have maintained a solid relationship for nearly two decades in tasks related to research and development of new airspace organisation models, the implementation of advanced concepts in air traffic control and the use of specific tools for the evaluation of air navigation services. Both entities strengthened their relationship by signing an agreement in 2019 for collaboration in technical areas and the transfer of knowledge and joint participation in projects of mutual interest at international level.

In these sessions, the four professionals from the company, selected for being the best performers within the scope of the AYREA programme, have delved into topics such as capacity and air traffic management and network information systems, a comparative vision between Europe and the United States; new challenges in the aerospace sector: Urban air mobility, increased space activity and integration with conventional operations; aviation security: methodology and cooperative programmes for joint analysis of information and development of measures; and technological evolution and trends in aviation: satellite navigation, cybersecurity, new separation standards and operational concept.

Since 2019, Ineco's AYREA Programme has enabled young engineers to participate in projects with a high innovative and technological content in our company: from the boost in satellite navigation to the capacity in flight procedure design, recognised internationally by ICAO; from Operational Safety and change management, with an innovative focus on the Human Factor, to the integration of drone operations, not only in conventional airspace but also in the urban environment. And not forgetting the constant contribution to the development of the Air Navigation System through participation in European R&D with the SESAR programme.

MITRE is a non-profit organisation whose operational research and development centres are sponsored by the US Federal Government and is one of the leading organisations assisting the US Federal Government in systems engineering and integration, development and scientific and research analysis. Mitre is at the forefront of supporting the improvement of air traffic control safety through early detection and monitoring of events that pose a risk to the safe operation of flights. Mitre's collaboration in the Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing System (ASIAS) is enabling the FAA and other stakeholders to use aviation data to anticipate safety issues before accidents or incidents occur.

You can see a summary of the conference in this video.

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