Ineco puts its support behind the School for Survivors, a ‘full of life’ initiative

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ineco joins the communication campaign of the School for Survivors, created by the Sandra Ibarra Foundation.  The School for Survivors, a ‘full of life’ initiative, has the aim of promoting institutional healthcare plans for the ‘long-term survivor’ and offering society a view of cancer from the perspective of those who have overcome the disease. The School will help to raise awareness about the physical, emotional and social needs of survivors on the basis of a detailed, in-depth knowledge of their day-to-day reality, and enable other associated diseases to be identified.

Planned actions include the creation of the first Cancer Survivors Register in Spain and the publication of the book Diario de Vida, featuring cancer survivors who talk about their optimistic and hopeful experiences in order to serve as an example to others who are currently living with the disease. In addition to the testimonies of the protagonists of the book, the initiative also includes a video channel to help put faces to the anonymous heroes and heroines and make them inspirational to other people in the same situation.

Thanks to the information provided by the Cancer Survivors Register, healthcare professionals and decision-makers at different levels will become more aware of the impact of cancer on people's lives and on healthcare management. It will also enable them to develop more effective programmes tailored to the needs of survivors.

Other public organisations such as ADIF, RENFE, AENA, Correos, Tragsa ICO Group, ISDEFE and the Madrid Metro have also joined the initiative.

We encourage you to find out more about the campaign, publicise it and, if you are a survivor, participate in the project by sharing your experiences here.



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