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Santiago de Chile Metro
A modern and efficient metro for Santiago de Chile


More than 2 million passengers

49 trains

2 metro lines

  • Santiago de Chile Metro

Ineco has taken part in the expansion project and the change to the distribution of the repair workshop in the Santiago Metro in order to transform it into a modern urban transport system.

Chile is one of the most developed Latin American countries and is undergoing profound changes. The capital city Santiago de Chile is a symbol of this progress and is therefore committed to a more efficient and innovative transport system.

Santiago's metro covers the greater part of the city and transports more than 2 million passengers every day. Certain equipment, systems and rolling stock are currently obsolete and also consume excessive amounts of energy.

Data Sheet
Location: Chile
Client: Empresa de transporte de pasajeros Metro S.A., Metro de Santiago
Execution period: 2012-2014
Market: Urban transport

Retrofitting the trains

In order to transform Santiago's metro into a modern urban transport system in line with the city's progress Ineco is performing the consultancy to retrofit the fleet of 49 model NS-74 trains that currently cover Lines 2 and 5.

These Alstom units date from the 1970s and therefore the rolling stock requires upgrading to prolong its working life by a further 20 years, and reduce electric power consumption whilst making the carriages more comfortable for passengers.

Ineco is also in charge of defining the specifications of the extension project and implementing changes in the distribution of the workshop by using space currently available in adjacent sectors and of construction of an additional workshop outside the Metro S.A. premises if necessary.