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Evaluación del Ruido y Contaminación Atmosférica en Aeropuertos
Mapping noise and atmospheric pollution at airports
Protection against noise

More than 20,000 soundproof dwellings and singular housing units

20 years of experience



  • Mapping noise and atmospheric pollution at airports
  • Mapping noise and atmospheric pollution at airports
  • Mapping noise and atmospheric pollution at airports
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To ensure the noise-related comfort of the inhabitants of the areas near airports and, therefore, the sustainability of present and future airport operations, Spain has regulations that evaluate and demarcate the areas of noise protection around airport infrastructure.

In the face of urban growth of the municipalities, evaluation and protection areas have been created around this type of infrastructure including the need to analyse and minimise noise conflicts resulting from airport operations.

Since 1997, Ineco has participated in the execution of Aena’s Noise Insulation Plans, through the Management Office, from which it coordinates the carrying out of actions, which has allowed it, to date, to carry out the soundproofing of around 20,000 dwellings and single housing units.

Likewise, since 2006, the company has provided Aena with technical assistance for noise management and management of atmospheric pollution in the airports of its network, highlighting the development of strategic noise maps and the demarcation of noise navigation easements.

Through close cooperation with Aena in the management of noise and atmospheric pollution at airports over recent years, Ineco has gained experience in this type of service that is the key to an environmentally-friendly, sustainable transport system.


Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Aena S.M.E., S.A.
Execution period: 2006-present
Market: Environment

Strategic noise maps

Every five years, Ineco, in collaboration with Aena, develops five strategic noise maps (SNM) on the location of large airports. These SNM are an assessment tool that allow evaluation of the noise pollution situation of the reference year and subsequently, the updates every five years allow a follow-up of the noise evolution. 

They are also a reference for the development of their corresponding associated plans of action, which, following the noise analysis process, define the measures for preventing and reducing noise in the airport environment, as well as for checking the effectiveness of the measures adopted.



Noise navigation easements

The regulations envisage the possibility of demarcating noise navigation easements for transport infrastructure and other public facilities that require them. Ineco develops for Aena the noise navigation easements aimed at achieving the compatibility of the functioning or development of its infrastructure with land uses, activities, facilities or buildings established or that could be established in the areas affected by the noise.

Environmental assessments
In compliance with the European Directive 2001/42/EC and the 9/2006 Act, Ineco develops the necessary acoustics studies required in the assessment procedure of the effects of Aena’s plans and programmes on the environment. Furthermore, the company carries out the noise pollution studies required for the environmental assessments of infrastructure projects, both in the stages of work and operation.