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New commuter station, Miribilla. Bilbao
A project for a contemporary station


More than 2,400 m2 of operational area

50 m high

4 hallways

  • New commuter station, Miribilla. Bilbao
  • New commuter station, Miribilla. Bilbao
  • New commuter station, Miribilla. Bilbao
  • New commuter station, Miribilla. Bilbao
  • New commuter station, Miribilla. Bilbao
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Ineco has designed the station of Miribillas that allows a quick and efficient connection between Bilbao neighbourhood and adjacent regions.

Miribilla is a district of Bilbao located on an ancient iron deposit. The three mines operating in the area have long since disappeared and in 1998 urban development of the area began and lasted until 2003, by which time around 440,000 square meters of land had been redeveloped and some 3,000 dwellings built.

In 2004 Ineco began construction of the Miribilla commuter station which would provide the district with rapid, efficient transit to the rest of the city's areas and adjacent localities. 

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Bilbao Ría 2000
Execution period: 2004 - 2008
Market: Architecture

Lasting, complex constructions

In 2008, after three and a half years of work, the station was opened and Miribilla was connected with Bilbao's commuter network. The work of Ineco's engineers was a key factor in a complex construction process due to the hardness of the limestone rock and the steeply sloping terrain.

The station is located nearly 50 metres underground, the deepest of any Adif station. The main entrance façade is glazed so that it resembles a huge glass box and from the outside gives an impression of airy lightness.

Enlivening the trip

Ineco aimed to give the station a special touch. Inside, the walls of the lifts and of some of the internal structures are also made of glass so the user's transit through the station is a unique experience. Even the floor is glass in some places and is lighted from the hallway below.

Efficient service

The station connects around 3,000 users a day with the rest of Bilbao's public transport services in less than 2 minutes with intervals between trains of 10 minutes at peak hours and 20 minutes off-peak.